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Afternoon Tea

I love days out and seeing different places and exploring. I went to York earlier this week and had a lovely wander around the city and then went for Afternoon Tea which was just gorgeous.

aft tea

I though the afternoon tea would be a small affair and that I would have to get some proper lunch after but it was all so filling and amazing! I had so many cups of tea and i regret nothing. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to eat any of the sandwiches because I’m vegetarian but they had cream cheese and cucumber and honestly, HEART EYES EMOJI it was fab. They also had smoked salmon and ham and mustard.

Then there was the cakes. I live for cake, I think about cake every day. LOOK AT THEM.

aft tea cake

I started with the fruit scone because I like them, but they’re not my favourite but these are the best one’s I’ve ever had. They were light and crumbly and fluffy and came with pots of jam and cream. I’m salivating thinking about them. Then there was a chocolate mousse thing, a rich chocolate tart, cherry bakewell, cream slice and victoria sponge. The scones were the best in my opinion.

As you can probably tell, it was wonderful.

I wanted to feel good as my confidence has been pretty low lately so I wore my favourite skirt and an oversized denim jacket. I recently got a new bag from Waterstone’s, one that I’ve been

bagbeen after for a long time. Isn’t it just so satisfying when you’ve been wanting something for ages and you finally get it and use it all the time and it’s exactly what you expected and wanted.

The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books (and I’m a real book nerd). So this makes me very happy and I’m using it constantly at the moment so be ready to see this featured a lot more. They so several books and different colours for the books.  The Sherlock Holmes Collection, for example is in green and A Room Of One’s Own is in purple.


The statement of my outfit was my skirt, I love the colour and the shape of the skirt because I don’t mind my legs being on show but it hides my worst parts.

I felt really comfortable in this outfit and that’s been quite difficult recently so this will definitely be coming out to play again soon. My converse aren’t normally this colour – they’re supposed to be white but I went on a walk and underestimated the mud…

Have a lovely day! Love, Hannah






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