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Let’s Talk About: Confidence

Whether you believe it or not you’re beautiful.

Confidence is pretty important all year around but in summer it’s in a whole new league. Whether you have it or not most people tend to feel slightly more insecure in summer although you probably can’t tell checking instagram 500 times a day and seeing bikini pics (I do that).

Grace Victory – body confidence advocate 

I am absolutely loving all the body positive movement stuff on social media – Grace Victory is my favourite blogger and she’s such an inspiration when it come to body confidence and self image etc, but when you don’t have it then summer is pretty hard.

There’s so many posts telling you to love your body, but nobody really tells you what to do when you don’t. Personally, I hate my body and I find summer really difficult. I hate my stomach, my thighs, my back, my arms I just hate it all BUT it’s bloody hot outside so I’m still going to wear shorts and tops and sandals and all the pretty summer clothes that are out at the moment. Well, the ones that I can afford…


I know it’s hard to love yourself and it’s not gonna happen overnight suddenly feeling super confident in revealing clothes but you’ve got to try and push through your insecurities, a little bit at a time, to do what you need to feel comfortable. It’s hard to believe but most people don’t look at you or care what you look like anyway – and if they do, are they going to remember in 10 minutes that your thighs jiggle when you walk? No. No they are not.


So stop comparing yourself to the airbrushed models, the bikini instagrams, and the online bodycon dresses and just be you. Remember that it’s okay not to be full of confidence when it comes to your body. It’s okay, but you’re still gorgeous.

Stay classy,


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