My First Yoga Class

Yoga is something I’ve always been interested in and last week I attended my first class. Damn it was hard.

I’ve never been very flexible but holy crap can my yoga instructor bend like omg. I thought it would be nice and low impact and stretchy but hell I was wrong. I’ve never sweated so much in my life. We did some classic downward facing dogs but then there’s the three legged dog?! All my dog wanted a rest to be perfectly honest.

I don’t have very good balance so I was on the floor every couple of minutes I don’t know how my instructor didn’t end up laughing at me but she’s really kind and encouraging and didn’t mind that I was thoroughly rubbish. There’s not just dogs in yoga either – there’s dolphins and who knows what else! I’m hoping there’s a snake – where you just lay on the floor and that’s it but I’ve not come across it yet.


There was this squat like a plie and I have previous ballet experience so thought “ah I can do this one” and thought I looked slightly like the instructor then I looked in the mirror and saw the sugarplum fairy remembered I was three sizes bigger than my instructor and not half as bendy. I was well and truly proved wrong.

So imagine 45 more minutes of trying to bend, falling over, getting sweaty and the cool down was like a dream. We just stretched but the type of stretch you can feel deep in your muscles and you can’t get enough of. It felt so good.

After the class I actually felt amazing, I felt so relaxed and happy I was shocked at the effect. I would massively encourage everyone to try yoga and reap the benefits it makes you feel so good. I also really need to hype my teacher because she was super encouraging and kind and supportive and didn’t make me feel rubbish at all even though I was.

Let me know your experience of yoga!

Stay classy,


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