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On Saturday I did the Color Obstacle Rush in an effort to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity due to their help with my ongoing battle with Borderline Personality Disorder (if you would like to read more about this, check out this post!) I managed to raise £270 which I am absolutely thrilled to ribbons with.


The event was a fun run; 5k full of inflatable obstacles and powdered paint, it was great. I say “run”, it was 32 degrees on the day so me and my friend Ellen walked the course which meant we could catch up and that made it even better so yay. They host these events all around the country and honestly it was so much fun we had a blast.

I’m not really very fit so thought I would struggled and be really insecure but the whole atmosphere was so vibrant and alive that it honestly didn’t matter. Most people I passed and saw on the course were walking but like i said it was a super hot day. My sunburn just blended in with all the other colours but now I don’t have that excuse any more I’m struggling a little.


I got a medal for finishing which the most garish thing I’ve ever seen in my life but considering I looked like Kermit’s sister I embraced it!


I’m not quite sure what the dye was, I think maybe cornstarch but it stuck to you and your clothes but came straight out in the wash. I also have super sensitive skin and did not react at all so it was all safe. There were staff throwing it on you over the obstacles and on the run.

There were looaaads of different types of inflatable obstacles but you could bypass them if you liked. There were foam sprays, space hoppers, climbing frames, ball pits honestly the list goes on.


If you’ve ever done this or anything like this before please let me know your experience in the comments!

Stay classy,


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