Dressing Up Fancy

You all know how much I love a good dress up. Doing your hair and makeup (taking hours obviously) and slipping into a dress that makes you look and feel amazing. I usually enjoy this more than the actual event not gonna lie.


Living in Blackpool and not having any friends means my opportunity to do this is EXTREMELY limited. I was invited to my boyfriend’s family party and if I’m being totally honest it was probably a jeans and heels event but I grabbed the opportunity and went all out.

I have an issue with tight dresses in that I’m super insecure (hurray for Bridget Jones knickers) so wearing this was not an easy choice but I looove the dress so adopted the what the hell attitude for the night.


I was so excited to get dressed up I even false tanned for the first time IN MY LIFE. I now realise I should not have waited 19 years because that stuff makes you feel great!

Please enjoy some more pictures from my pretend photoshoot! All the outfit info is at the bottom.

green1  green2

Dress: Pretty Little Thing

Shoes: Miss Selfridge 


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