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Last Minute Election Stuff

You may find politics boring but this is important so please grit your teeth and read it.


Tomorrow the UK decides what will happen to the future of the country. That sounds really scary and it is but we need to put our trust in the people of the country. I can only hope that tomorrow, the young people; aged 18-24, the people I went to school with, the people I grew up with, friends and bullies alike, uni students, graduates turn out tomorrow and have their say. It is OUR future.

It’s no secret by my social media feed that tomorrow I will be voting Labour and I’m fully aware that neither my social media feed nor this blog post will reach that many people. 100 at most but I feel so passionate and responsible to do what I can that I’m writing it anyway.


As I’ve said, I will be voting Labour and I am lucky enough that people I follow share my views BUT if they don’t, if you want to vote Conservative and follow Labour supporters or vice versa please do not be put off. This is your vote, for your future and you are voting for what you believe in. I beg you, do not be put off by the strong and perhaps aggressive opinions and floods that you keep seeing.

Every vote counts. You may not agree if you want to vote Labour but live in a Tory safe seat but it does – it makes a difference to you. You are standing up for yourself and in this brash world of politics and feared world of extremism that is all you can do. And that is enough.

So tomorrow, you don’t need your polling card, turn up to your polling station and cast the vote that you believe in. Forget about the social media, forget about the safe seats, forget about family ties. Vote for you. Please.

To find out where your polling station is, click HERE.

To find out the views of the Labour and Conservative Parties, click HERE.

Stay classy,


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