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Chub Rub Club

Summer is all happy and lovley and sunshiney most of the time but our thighs don’t quite feel the same. Chafing is something we fool ourselves about, “we’re being overdramatic”. OH DAMN GURL NO YOU ARE NOT. Maybe it’s just me but this is what the thought process is like:


  1. I’ll wear shorts/a skirt it won’t be that bad
  2. I was wrong, this is really uncomfortable
  3. My thighs are screaming at me
  5. I think there’s a fire
  6. Yep, my legs are on fire
  7. How much further do I need to walk
  8. I can’t do it MAN DOWN
  10. I’m never doing that again

The thick thighs like is a struggle ladies and gentlemen, just last week I walked home from work and got actual real blisters on my legs. There was blood, looking fabulous comes at a price. Bless tubs of vasaline!!!

RIP thighs…

Stay classy,


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