Summer Day Outfit

Summer days out are always so much fun! I love spending time walking around and being in the sun and here’s what I wore to the first (hopefully there will be lots more) day of British summer.


I see so many posts with beautiful outfits and professional photos but my lil blog has none of that. I did feel kinda cute in this dress though. I love being colourful and summer is the perfect time to cram as many yellows, blues and greens into an outfit as possible. i think skater dresses are quite flattering and even though I’m quite insecure I felt really comfortable in this dress.


Can you really have a summer outfit without a denim jacket? Thought not. I love light denim jackets but I took a bit of a risk and went dark. I think it looks alright. I did really like wearing this outfit and the dress also had a lovely time out and about with me and my boyfriend.



Maybe not so much in England but summer get hooooot so this is just a gentle reminder that everyone can and should wear what they are comfortable in no matter what shape and size.


Stay classy,


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