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Body Battles

I know how to feels to think you’re the only one that hates your body. You check twitter or read a blog post and everyone seems to be beaming with body confidence and promoting positivity.

Body positivity is super important and I hope you realise that, but what isn’t emphasised is how bloody hard it is. I’ve tried and I’m still trying but failing. We are surrounded by images of these beautiful toned, tanned girls and when you look nothing like them it’s easy to feel inferior. All shapes and sizes are beautiful but it’s difficult to think that abut yourself.


I’m currently a size 12, my goal is to be a size 6. That’s not happening any time soon but a girl can dream. Basically, any girls or guys reading this who feel like they aren’t good enough because of their size, shape or body type; you’re wrong. You’re gorgeous and I know it’s hard to believe when you’re crying in front of the mirror or trying on a skirt that doesn’t quite fit in the changing rooms or can’t see toes when you look down in the shower but please, from one insecure body type to another – keep trying because even if you don’t think you’re beautiful – someone does – I do. And you know what, if the skirt doesn’t fit just buy a bigger size.


Let me know if any of you find this post helpful or if any of you have any opinions or tips pleae feel free to post them in the comments my lovely rose petals!

Stay classy,


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