My Dream Wardrobe

I saw a concept by an American company called MakeSpace with the idea of building “My Dream Wardrobe” (or closet in the US) and I thought it was such an interesting idea. Unfortunately I’m not actually going to be building this but if I was I might break a nail and we just can’t have that.

This took a little thinking but it would definitely have lots of comfy seats and a full bar, stocked with ice, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Also a big TV with Netflix, Friends and Sex in the City on demand. After all, I do like to model myself on Carrie Bardshaw. carrie

My wardrobe would have its own section for shoes, obviously, and let me tell you – that section wouold be full. But I suppose  there’s always room for one more pair! Lounge wear (slobbies), would also have it’s own section. There would also be racks for jeans and skirts and a draw full of thick tights. I would have a pull out rack for dresses.

My dream wardrobe would also be full of full length mirrors and have a makeup station with a brush holder. A mirror with lights around it and plenty plugs so I can charge my phone and plug in my curling wand.


Let’s call it a studio, it sounds so much more professional. My studio would be soundproof and have a music system and everyone would be welcome to the party!

If you are in the states, check out the storage locations MakeSpace have to offer here. If, like me you’re a little English Rose or are a flower of the wider world I’d encourage you to just have a think, maybe draw out a plan of what your dream wardrobe would be because, trust me it’s a lot of fun.

Now, if anyone needs me – I’ll be in my studio.

Stay classy,


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