Adding Christmas Sparkle

Christmas is the time of year my inner six year old self dreams come true and I get to play dress up. There are so many occasions and that means so many outfits which just fills my heart with Christmas spirit.

I was going to a mass with my family (we’re a Catholic family and although I go to mass every week, this week it was for my grandma and I was seeing my extended family – so it was more special). I love seeing my family so much, I always want to make an effort for them and nobody tells you you’re beautiful as much as your family does.

Christmas = sparkle and these boots were SCREAMING at me to buy them, so I obeyed orders.


My coat is a military-style swing coat which I love. My skirt is a Zara pencil skirt which I wore with a Next high neck vest. I wore a plain long sleeve top under because I thought a vest for an English December was slightly too far.


I think all bodies are beautiful but I have a little trouble believing that when it comes to mine, although in these pictures my thighs – a major insecurity of mine don’t look all that bad…


#christmastreegoals #bootsgoals


There is nobody waiting for me under the mistletoe. Sniffle.

What do you get dressed up for?

Stay classy,



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