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Festive Days Out On A Budget


As much as I love Christmas (and trust me, it’s a lot) it can be bloody expensive. Even more so if you’re a student or on a low income, but that doesn’t mean your Christmas can’t be just as amazing and sparkly as everyone else!

Here are some fun and festive days out (and in) to have with your family/partner/girlfriends because keep going out for food and drinks can soon mount up.

  • Ice Skating at first this can seem expensive for the hire of the boots but honestly, the time on the ice is worth it and it’s so much fun, trust me on this one guys.
  • Christmas Markets you don’t need to buy anything but having a wander and seeing the sights and smells will get you feeling festive in no time
  • Hot Chocolate Tasting avoiding chain companies, go round greasy spoon cafes and rate their hot chocolates out of 10. Extra points for festive flavours!
  •  Christmas Jumper Competition go round with your gal pals trying on the worst Christmas jumpers you can find and have a mini photo shoot in the changing rooms
  • Go and see the Christmas Lights this one is totally free and will be an evening to remember! Gawk at all the beautiful colours, get that perfect snapchat and maybe you’ll even find some mistletoe…
  • Build a Snowman granted, you do need some snow for this one
  • Make a Gingerbread House from Scratch there are tons of recipes online and buying ingredients will be cheaper and more fun than decorating a ready made house
  • Decorate the Tree or even go out and browse some real Christmas Trees
  • Go to a garden Centre this may sound a little grandma-like but honestly, garden centres at Christmas are like their own wonderland
  • Bake come on guys, it’s Christmas…
  • Winter Walks this is great for everyone and you can get all wrapped up and feel the fresh winter air 
  • Pine Cone Hunting see who can collect the most pine cones and then use them as decorations

Please let me know what your festive days out are guys! Feeling Christmassy yet?!

Stay classy,



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