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Manchester Christmas Markets

Markets are pretty much my favourite thing no matter what time of year it is but at Christmas they are just next level amazing. On Saturday I met up with some friends from Salford and we decided to get some food and have a wander.


I’ve only been to Manchester once in my life and I had absolutely no idea of the scale of the markets. They are huge. We went around the German markets because I was told they were the best, I was not disappointed. We went to the food hall in the Arndale which had mostly fast food places so I got McDondalds which I haven’t had in years and had a catch up. Then we wandered over the the markets and the fun began…

There was so many food and drink stalls, if/when I go again, I’ll definitely be trying some of the food and drinks! I did manage to nab some mini dutch pancakes with nutella. I expected these to be pretty much like crepes but I was so wrong. They were better (yes, I didn’t think it was possible either).They were all gooey and chocolatey and little parcels of amazingness. 10/10 would definitely recommend.


I’m just going to mention, it was super crowded. This may have been because it was a Saturday evening, it may have been because there was a Man City match but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re like me and struggle in crowds. I was fine but it took a few deep breaths.

We didn’t really have the intention of buying anything but if anyone expects me to walk through a Christmas market and not buy anything they’re all sorts of wrong. I had to do a double take at a sign. I thought it read “10 chocolates for £1” but that couldn’t be right – so I looked again and it actually did read “10 chocolates for £1”. £1!!!!! So I got 10, naturally. They are German chocolates and I can’t wait to try them.

Lots of people collect particular items when they visit somewhere – I collect Christmas baubles. I think it’s beautiful when a tree is covered in baubles that don’t match and have memories of different places attached to them. I bought a Santa holding a tree and waving. SANTAAAAAA!! I KNOW HIM!!!!!! And I also bought a nutcracker soldier. Another bauble I bought was a wooden Christmas tree for my friend and had his name engraved into it.


I bought a new hat because, well can you ever have enough hats? No? My thoughts exactly! It’s a dark red with a pompom, can’t beat a good pompom, and the best part id it’s fluffy inside so my ears will stay nice and toasty. Another lil treat I bought myself was a beautiful glass ornament that isn’t Christmassy but says, “do all things with love”. The full quote is from Mother Theresa and one of my favourite quotes ever and for £4 I just couldn’t resist. I probably could resist, I just didn’t want to!



In true English December style, it was chucking it down with rain but my Christmas spirit wasn’t dampened at all.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? Let me know!

Stay classy,


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