Walkin Boots

When I found out I needed walking boots for travelling I was not impressed. I wanted to be the travel style girl who had the chance to unleash my (incredibly strong and well nurtured) bohemian style. Walking boots kinda ruin the aesthetic.


I however stumbled across these babies! Timberlands, I feel, go through phases of being really cool and mainstream then fading away then coming back into style and I am most definitely not the type of girl who goes along with mainstream style – quite the opposite.

Now that I am the proud owner of a pair and can safely say I understand the hype. They are JUST. SO. DAMN. COMFORTABLE. They took literally zero breaking in and didn’t give me any blisters. They also don’t feel heavy when walking long distances which is always my one bug bear with docs.

My plan with these boots is just to act as if they make every outfit ‘edgy’ and run with it. What are your most comfy shoes?

Stay classy,

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