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Self Care Lessons

You are important. Self care is so crucial to our wellbeing and is something we all need to practice but often don’t. I think it’s because it can be seen as “self-obsessed”. Maybe we need to be a little more self-obsessed, maybe then we wouldn’t need to take sick days for anxiety and hate ourselves for it.

Do not feel guilty for taking care of yourself. Do not feel guilty for your mental health state.

Do enjoy this food related pun.


Here are 18 simple things you can do when you feel like crap to make yourself feel a little more like your amazing, sparkly self!

  1. Take a hot bath/shower and use that fancy ass smelling stuff you’ve been saving
  2. Watch a cheesy rom-com you like but won’t admit to
  3. Eat the damn cake
  4. Do your makeup all nice and have a selfie photo shoot #strikeapose
  5. Light a scented candle
  6. Cry. Just cry. It’s okay
  7. Netflix binge
  8. Phone a friend. Whether it’s to bitch about slaggy Lindsay or talk about the weather. (we all know it’s to bitch…)
  9. Get your headphones on and go for a walk
  10. Watch cat videos and laugh. Laugh at the cat.
  11. Snuggle. Boyfriend, girlfriend, pillow, hot water bottle
  12. Play that funky music white boy (this point is valid for any ethnicity and gender. The music doesn’t discriminate…)
  13. Have an early night
  14. Paint your nails
  15. Put on your comfy PJs and fluffy socks
  16. Dance around like a lunatic
  17. Sing your heart out (refer to 16)
  18. Look through old photographs

Hope this helps! Please add your own ideas in the comments and then everyone can help each other and we can all be sparkly!! If you ever need any help with this please feel free to ask.

I will leave you with my favourite food related pun. Enjoy!


Stay classy,


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