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Call Me Santa

So Christmas is coming (yaaaaay!!!) and we all have that one family member/friend who is such an awkward Annie to buy for. There’s also the money issue in that my family and friends deserve their own mansion and all I can afford is a pair of slippers…

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

Is it just me who finds men particularly difficult to buy for?! Here are some foolproof ideas for anyone on a budget or if they are just plain awkward.


  1. Nail Polish
  2. A Scarf
  3. Scented Candle/Reed Diffuser
  4. Necklace with their Initial
  5. Chocolates
  6. Cocktail Recipes
  7. Hand Cream
  8. Photo Frame
  9. Fluffy Socks
  10. Christmas Bauble

PS: friends and family, I like Pandora…


  1. Hip Flask
  2. Beard Trimmer
  3. Portable Charger
  4. Mug
  5. Pint Glass
  6. Real Ales
  7. Tie/Braces
  8. Belt
  9. Watch
  10. Headphones (sports, bluetooth etc)

Hope this list helped a lil bit!! Pop your ideas in the comments so we can have a lil chat! Have you done all your Christmas shopping?

Stay classy,


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