What’s In The Bag

Do you have a magic bag that seems to accumulate crap? I do. My bag is nice and tidy for once so I thought I’d give you a lil peek inside to see what I haul around every day, without the random 2p coins and old receipts that usually clutter the bottom.


I’m using my gold glittery backpack which I find so convenient and helpful and it’s just the perfect size! Contents include:

  • My purse, with little inside bar old bus tickes
  • We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shiver,ย which I’m currenty reading
  • A kinder bueno packet because you always need a snack
  • My notebook and a pen – an essential!! For any ideas I get while out and about
  • My headphones

Have I missed anything important?! If you enjoyed this post, check out my Handy Hand Luggage post!

Stay classy,


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