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Heartbreak Hotel

This post is really personal and not like the other posts I normally write. I’ve thought a lot about whether I should write this but I’m a strong believer in “honesty is the best policy” and I feel like a lot of people will have had similar experiences.


Me and my boyfriend have broken up. This may seem very teenage girl like and slightly pathetic but my relationship was pretty serious, at least to me. We were together for almost two years and he was my first love. And I was madly in love with him. But we had different ways of thinking, different priorities and we couldn’t keep the relationship going.

My heart is broken.

We were long distance for only two months but the change of lifestyle, him starting uni and me moving to Blackpool really tested us. It would be easy for me to use this post to list his flaws and vent about what annoyed me but he could do exactly the same about me and all in all we had a good relationship. I have a lot of happy memories with him.

The hardest thing about breaking up is losing my best friend. We started arguing more often but we still texted every night and I told him everything. He was always there for me and I tried, and hope, I was always there for him. I’m well aware that at 19 years old I’m too young to think about forever. But with him I did. I honestly thought we were going to last and I was going to marry him and have a life with him.

It just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe our paths will cross again in life, and I hope they do. I have no idea if he will read this or not and I don’t even know his feelings on the situation. I hope he thinks of me sometimes, but I honestly hope he’s happy and and lives the life he always talked about with a girl who loves him and he loves back.

Feel free to talk to me if you’ve had any similar experiences or are going through a break up and need someone to talk to.

Stay classy,


11 thoughts on “Heartbreak Hotel

  1. It’s not at sez2244 teenage like in fact my heart goes out to you ,in one of the hardest situations that unfortunately happen to many many people,and it’s so damn tough just trying to get by day after day when the breakup continues in the back of your mind for sometimes weeks,months,or for some people they never really get over their first love but sadly learn to live with it,but try to stay positive and concentrate more much more on putting yourself first for a while,and if anyone tells you oh your be ok,ignore them,you take as long as you need to kind of grieve for the love & friendship you both shared.
    Great content,spoken very honestly & above sez2244 from the heart,I wish I could take your broken heart and mend it for you xx

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  2. I’ve been there before and I know just how awful it is, but life goes on and you don’t know where you’ll find yourself in the next 12+ months. Always happy to be a shoulder to cry on if you need an extra friend during this tough time!

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  3. I’ve definitely been there, and it’s so hard and it will take a long time. It’s very nice that you parted in good terms though, makes everything less sad! Hope your okay, remember to take time to focus on your self and fulfill your own dreams ☺️❤️

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  4. Never let anyone tell you that 19 is too young to be thinking of forever. If 19 were to be too young for anything, it would be too young to be scared of love and it’s far from being that.

    If you ever feel like doubting that just remember that Romeo and Juliet is arguably one of the greatest love stories ever told and Juliet was only 13.

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