Be Younique!

Be you. Be unique. That’s the best and the only way to be in this world. It’s basically my entire charm – all I have is that I like to try and look a little quirky. Other than that I’m just a plain Jane who sits silently in the corner but slap on a red lip and whack on a hat and that changes.

I came across this little brand, ‘younique’ knows that and has some incredible beauty products and I particularly love the colours they have! I haven’t tried the whole range yet but I definitely will be soon although I don’t know how well it bodes with sensitive skin, I’ll report back. lip-stain2

I tried the lip stain “SLEEK” which is a really deep plum colour. It works by applying the stain, letting it dry and adding the layers. This is great because you can control how deep a colour you would like.

The page even show what what combinations work well together so you can match them with your skin. I really love this brand and I can’t wait to try more of their products!!


Thanks Victoria!

Stay classy,


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