Casual Autumn Look


The cool, crisp air. Leather jackets and scarves. The falling leaves. Oooh it’s all so magical!!

Admittedly, this outfit is beginning of autumn outfit and was a lil bit chilly. I would recommend a scarf or thicker jacket. I have my metallic jeans on rolled up at the ankle – which is really a must for all jeans.

Pink is not my colour. The only exception I’ll make is exceptionally pretty flowers or this shirt. It feels amazing, it’s just a box shirt which I think works really well for literally everyone. You can’t see the sleeves with my jacket but trust me, they’re nice. Flattering. I have ugly shoulders. My jacket is brand new from my mother’s wardrobe. Again, sleeves rolled up because is there really any other way?

My headscarf is possibly my new favourite accessory. I love anything floral and anything vintage and I just have so much love for this! Particularly because I don’t love my hair tied up and this takes all of the attention to the scarf. I may be slightly biased because hair accessories are my favourite accessories.

My shoes are Adidas Gazelles in lilac because I like having coloured shoes. They are super comfy too!

Let me know what your favourite accessories are!! Or just comment for a lil chat!

Stay classy,


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