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Trick or Treat

Now personally, I’ve never really celebrated Halloween I never liked trick or treating when I was little – I was a very shy little girl and although I’m still not a major fan the chance to do fancy, whacky makeup and dress up for a night is right up my alley.

This year my Halloween pans fell through so yet again I didn’t have a reason to doll myself up and pretend I can hold my vodka. Then I thought, “hey let’s just dress up as half a skeleton and do a blog post anyway!” The only thing missing is the vodka but I seldom need an excuse for that.

I knew I wasn’t going to go OTT with the look so I thought this half skeleton look suited pretty well. I know they’re pretty similar but I’ve always been more drawn to “The Day of the Dead” festival than Halloween so I tried to get these vibes through with the pink shirt and floral headscarf.

Now, like I said I have never really participated that much with the holiday so my skills are very underdeveloped so please guys, be gentle.


I did this look using white face paint, eyeliner and eye shadow. I clearly need a little practice and the face paint I used was so so creamy it was difficult to set. There also wasn’t a great deal of it so I may have used more had I had the option. Overall it was fairly easy and it was super fun to do! So remember rose petals, any Halloween plans in the future I’m probably gonna be free!

Let me know what you dressed as for Halloween in the comments! Feel free to link me to any posts you’ve done on Halloween.

Stay classy,


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