Bad Hair Day!!

It’s no secret that we all have bad hair days, some people have loads and some people have hardly any. I have loads, naturally and my fine hair seldom behaves when I want it too. The first thing I do when I’m having a bad hair day is panic. This is not the right thing to do.

An accurate representation of how I look on a bad hair day morning…

It may not feel like it but there are multiple ways to solve a bad hair day – and I don’t mean just shave it all off like you’re tempted to do in your fit of rage and panic. First of all, if you have time then wash it. Even if you feel like you don’t need to, it’s more effective than dry shampoo. The most common reason for my own bad hair days is my hair being greasy.

Every girl’s secret is the one and only messy bun. This is a lifesaver.

  1. Put your hair in a ponytail without pulling your hair all the way through the hair tie
  2. Pull your hair outwards to make the bun loose
  3. Pull your roots slightly out to add volume
  4. Strut your stuff girl!

You can also do this trick with a ponytail to salvage a bad hair day. A high pony will never go out of style. That is, unless you’re in the unfortunate situation like me in which your hair is an awkward length and you need to make the choice between a mid-pony or a whole lotta hair grips. Both work but blessed are the long haired girls who will never know the struggle…

If your roots are your bad hair day faux pas, whether it’s greasiness or a desperate need for a touch up, the most simple solution is just whack a hat on.I can hear the thoughts now of all those “I don’t suit hats” people. You don’t suit hats? Okay, backcomb your mop into a quiff. Who knows what secrets you are hiding under there?



There’s tons more styles that could rescue a bad hair day from french plaits to space buns, let me know your go-to! Of course, if all else fails shove it up and do heavy eyes and lips and nobody will be looking at your hair!

Any tips or tricks?

Stay classy,


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