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Contouring has well and truly swept the beauty world and I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time. It adds definition and structure to your face and makes you look even more incredible.

I’m talking to you. You look incredible.

I’ve never tried it myself (that’s a lie, I did once but it was rubbish product and made absolutely no difference so does it really count?) because of two reasons.

  1. I’m very pale and I can’t find a contour that’s light enough for me
  2. I have oily skin so by the end of the day it looks like I have highlighter in all the wrong places anyway

I like to think I’m quite experimental with my makeup and I’m gonna start doing a lot more posts about that on here but I can’t bring myself to dare contour. I go to buy a kit and the cheapest I’ve found is £32. I can’t afford that without knowing I’ll like it.

Bloggers of the world, hear my plea, is there any advice or recommendations you can give me? What’s good for pale skin? What’s good for oily skin? What’s cheap but still good?

Thank you my rose petals!

Stay classy,


One thought on “Highlight Help

  1. I’m very pale so finding a good contour colour for me is always a nightmare. The maybelline master sculpt is perfect in the shade light/medium. I wrote about it in my September favourites if you want to check it out.

    As to the oiliness I always feel your pain. The best solution I’ve found to this is preventative. I use the body shop seaweed collection for my skincare and it definitely controls the production of oils in my face. I have also just started using one heck of a blot from soap and glory. This is honestly my holy grail. My make up does NOT budge at all.

    Hope these suggestions help x

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