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Work That WorkWear

I have a job! In one way this means that I get paid for doing something  love and in another way this means I get to show and find a totally new side to my style! It’s all very exciting.

Gaplain = Gap Year Chaplain

I have a job as a chaplain in a secondary school in Blackpool which means I will be offering guidance counselling, delivering liturgies and being a listening ear to any student who has any worries or woes. I have this job for a year before university and I was super excited to go shopping and get all my “teacher clothes”.

The sixth form I was at had a strict ‘black and white’ dress code so my whole wardrobe for two years has been monochrome so I was super excited to add some colour.

I got most of my clothes from Primark because I had so much to buy and I’d rather pay £15 for three items than £15 on one blouse. It doesn’t have a great rep other than the price but I was really surprised when I went in at the variety and how nice a lot of the stuff was! I was thrilled with how much I got – and I got £102 worth of stuff, so yeah I got a lot. Don’t feel like you need to shop at particular shops like Next or Dorothy Perkins to buy workwear because nobody can see the label, so if you like it, and its suitable, it really doesn’t matter where it’s from. Not that Next and Dorothy Perkins aren’t great, I love both of those retailers but I wouldn’t be able to afford a whole wardrobe from there.


It’s always nice to have one or two special pieces from a favourite store or more pricey place but don’t feel pressured to spend boat loads of money. Let me know your favourite places to buy work clothes, I could use some advice!

Stay classy,


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