Beautiful Skin

beautiful skin

Skincare can often be the most frustrating beauty regime because you try and try and scrub and scrub but sometimes it feels like your skin is never going to clear up. I get super annoyed about it sometimes but after I cleanse, my face feels like its been kissed by angels. Although I’m kinda glad it hasn’t – that would be creepy.

All of the products in my skincare routine are from the No. 7 Beautiful Skin range (bar Simple’s micellar water) because I have super sensitive skin and the products are all gentle and hypo-allergenic so if you react to any cosmetic products, No.7 will be okay.

Here’s a run down of my routine:

Once a week I also use:

This may sound laborious and as if there’s tons of products but it’s like 4/5 minutes and the way your skin feels after is soooo worth it! I use products from the same range because in the past I have used products from different brands and they have conflicted with each other and becasuse my skin is so sensitive I don’t like to take too many risks with it.

Let me know your skincare routine!

Stay classy,


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