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Bikini Babes

Summer is almost over now and I know there are some people clinging onto the maxi skirts and playsuits but it’s time to face it. We need to start prepping the scarves and chelsea boots. As it’s still August, I thought I’d share a little post looking back over the summer and what better way to fuel the summer blues than looking at bikini babes in the holiday heat.

Kylie Jenner


Showing off some awesome curves but in this one piece swimsuit she’s still fully covered. So don’t be worried if you want to show your silhouette but not the bits in the middle.





Bella Hadid



Although black might make you hotter (can Bella get any hotter???) it’s subtle if you just want to lie in the heat or hide from the paps.





Ellie Goulding




THIS is how you can rock the girlies without them rocking all over the boat. Ain’t nobody gonna be carrying your watermelons except that bikini. Make sure it’s strong enough.





Kendall Jenner

swimsuit5 kendall

Contrastingly, if your watermelons haven’t ripened up yet, a floaty bikini top can keep them covered but show off a cute ass pattern or print. Trust me guys, my watermelons are just grapes…


BUT we cannot talk about how amazing all these celebrities look in their swimsuits without talking about the one woman, one of my idols, who looks the best. Lena Dunham always looks amazing but owning her body in a bikini makes her look just heart eyes emoji.


So really, wear whatever you want but make sure you’re this happy when you wear it!


Stay classy,



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