Least Faves

It’s easy to believe that every fashion blogger loves every trend going and will wear everything and the world is full of sparkles and all clothes are perfect #nohatepls but let’s be honest – that’s just not true. I like to class myself as a fashion blogger (I run a fashion blog, I don’t know if there’s any more criteria I need to meet) and I don’t love every trend.

I thought I would make a post on the trends I don’t like, and when I say I don’t like them, I mean on me. I don’t like the trends on me, if one of you can pull them off *party popper* you rock it gurl!


low back

I’m not a fan of the whole low back style because it makes me feel too revealed. When I was little I had lots of spots on my shoulders and back and I still use a medicated soap so this is more an insecurity thing. Also, I feel super uncomfortable braless so this style is just not my cup of tea.

And if anyone was wondering, my cup of tea is strong, black, one sugar. 


high neck

Gone rapidly from low to high I’m aware. Maybe it’s because when I shop it’s sorted “low to high” but anyway. The reason for my dislike of this trend is very particular. My neck is my tickly spot so I go through life trying to avoid anything touching it. With a high neck, it’s all day. Why would I put myself through that?! How is that pleasurable?! No thank u.


body con

I’m not gonna lie, I’d love to wear a body con dress – I just can’t. Some girls can pull them off like a wobbly doorknob but not me. I just really don’t feel comfortable in tight clothing. Hopefully one day but not today. Sigh…

Let me know what your least favourite trends are! No judgment, promise!!

Stay classy,


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