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Grown Up Family Time


Once you reach a certain age it’s not “cool” to be seen with your family, but let’s be honest, spending time with the family can sometimes be better than spending time with your girlfriends, or even, dare I say it… Netflix.

I think it’s really important to spend time with your family so here is my little family fun. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s not just 6 year olds this applies to.

We went to an adult bowling alley (it actually was over 18, I’m not just trying to sound like a big girl) with my parents and my brother. Of course, alcohol was involved, maybe a little too much considering I was with my parents and I’m the baby of the family.


After we bowled (no need to know the score) we raced toy cars around a track, after all it was an adult place! After the recurring event of my brother winning and little Hannah losing, we hired a pool table for an hour and all played pool. Thankfully there are four of us so we played two teams of two and kept switching partners until our time was up. I wasn’t keeping score at all but I’m assuming my brother won that too.

Moral of the story is; it might sound super lame but no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to spend some quality family time. And if you still don’t fancy it after this super long post, just think of all the free alcohol you can scrounge off your parents, siblings, in-laws, barmen if you play your card right 😉


Let me know what you and your family do together!

Stay classy,



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