You Don’t NEED MakeUp


It’s no secret I love clothes and shoes and bags and everything that comes with being a girl but I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 13, starting Year 9 and it was originally because all the girls at school were and I felt ugly.

NOBODY should wear makeup because they feel like they have to.

I would put foundation and powder on my face and pray that was enough to stop the name calling and then I’d walk into school and see the popular girls with all the latest MAC products and frosted eye shadows and eyeliner wings. I feel I should note that my school’s makeup rule is “subtle makeup is allowed Year 9 and above”. The popular girls didn’t go subtle and regularly got told to take it off. They still looked better than me. It didn’t stop the name calling.

I wear makeup now for two main reasons:

  1. I don’t have great skin and would feel more confident with makeup on
  2. I love doing my makeup

I think young girls need to be reminded that makeup doesn’t make you beautiful. Kindness does. It’s such a competition with young girls (too young really) to have the best makeup brands and all the brushes etc. when they should be told, if you don’t want to wear makeup – don’t. Don’t do it to fit in, don’t do it to be popular, don’t do it because you have to. You don’t have to, trust me.

Anyone who knows you and anyone who loves you would much rather you be a good person, bare faced and beautiful than a bitch who’s got all the naked palettes. I wish there was someone to tell me this. Obviously, if wearing it makes you feel more confident or you enjoy it then that’s great, have fun, I’m sure you’re all nice people too!

Never believe anyone who calls you ugly.

Never believe anyone who calls you fat.

Never believe anyone who calls you anything other than the fabulous sparkling rose petal that you are.

I hope this helped in some way, please spread the message to anyone who might need it.

Stay classy,


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