Party Time


The best thing about parties is getting dressed up. The second best thing is getting drunk. This is the first time I wore this dress and I really love it!

It was in the sale which makes it even more fabulous and green is my favoutite colour. The waist is gathered on the elastic which I like because it can lie where you find it most comfortable. The open hem was a lovely detail but unlike another dress I was going to wear, the overlap of the fabric is enough to be sure you are covered. But then again, if you’re trying to pull…

I also love the sleeves because you don’t often find these sleeves on dresses and I love the 3/4 length. The top is a low V which I’m not too fond of, mostly because I don’t have the cleavage to rock it, but I shimmied the shoulders around a little to make it sit a little higher. This dress was super comfortable to wear and dance in!

My shoes on the other hand were not. They look good though so I decided to grin and bear it and drink through the pain. I then just took them off because nothing is gonna get in the way of my Come On Eileen routine. They had zips at the back that I’m usually not fond of anyway because they dig into you when you walk and as you can see, they don’t have any platforms.

The sacrifices a girl makes for fashion.

Stay classy,


Dress: Pretty Little Thing

Shoes: Garage



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