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Gels vs. Acrylics

I love getting my nails done. I get asked quite a lot what the difference is between gels and acrylics and which is better so here is my pros and cons list of each:




  • Gel polish lasts a lot long than regular polish and doesn’t chip
  • They don’t damage your natural nail
  • Takes no time to dry because they are set with are set lamp
  • Doesn’t add length to natural nail (this may be a con, it’s down to personal preference)
  • Natural look
  • More eco-friendly


  • May peel off
  • Visible when infill is needed
  • Hard to repair at home



  • Strong and hard wearing
  • Polish will not chip
  • Can be shaped to your preference
  • Can be the length you like


  • Damages natural nail
  • Look less natural
  • Application involves fumes an chemicals
  • Visible when infill is needed

I have a gel kit with a UV light at home so I tend to wear gels but if you don’t have the right equipment the process can become expensive.  Nail art can be applied to both depending on the technician. The choice is ultimately personal preference and your choice will involve mainly:

  • ocassion
  • length
  • durability

Let me know which your preference is and why!

Stay classy,



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