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Netflix and Chill


If your summer plans are predominantly Netflix binges, you might wanna check out my Wanna Go Out? post for some more ‘outdoorsy’ ideas. That said, however, we live in a time where Netflix binges are just as addictive as drugs and nobody wants to go cold turkey.

Here’s my top 15 Netflix* picks for those rainy summer days:

*I use UK Netflix so it’s not exactly the same as US etc…

  1. Gossip Girl
  2. Pretty Little Liars
  3. RuPaul’s Drag Race
  4. Girl, Interrupted
  5. Still Alice
  6. 90210
  7. Lie To Me
  8. Love, Rosie
  9. Clueless
  10. Mulan
  11. Thanks for Sharing
  12. Bad Neighbours
  13. Chef
  14. The Talented Mr. Ripley
  15. Orange Is The New Black

Let me know what your favourite Netflix binges are!


Stay classy,



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