Outfit Diary

Sorry I’ve been away – I’ve been to Ibiza for a week! And I didn’t go clubbing and despite what everyone says it’s still possible to have  great time. I’m not even supposed to drink on my medication and I still had a brilliant time.

I’ve missed you too, here’s a classic tacky present for all my lovely rose petals:


Like I said, I was there for a week and that means a weeks worth of outfits. I dressed for the same way I always dress: to feel like I look good and be more confident. I did not dress to pull guys in clubs/bars. That would be a totally different post…

Well, there were some sexy Armanian men so if they were impressed I wouldn’t be complaining.

This is a lil diary of what I wore for our beach walks and dancing on a night.

Night 1


Everyone knows it’s not really a holiday without a maxi dress and I love this one because it has  bit of a twist with the open front. Admittedly, the nude colour would have looked better with a darker tan but I knew that wasn’t really going to happen. It had open sides too so I wore a black bra to make it stand out and because it was full length I opted for black sandals. You obviously can wear heels wit maxi length but I personally think it looks better with the length right to the floor.

Dress: Pretty Little Thing

Night 2


I love wearing shorts on holiday, especially bright, statement shorts because although I’m not too fond of my legs, I love how long they are and this is obvious in shorts. Notice I wore heels too to elongate them more! Shorts are great if it’s warm enough to wear them because they can be dressed up or dressed down and you have a really simple statement piece without even having to think about it. Although mine are quite bold and vibrant, denim shorts can just as easily be your statement piece, high waisted are particularly good for this.

Shorts: New Look

Vest: H&M

Night 3


You all know my love for a Little Black Dress, well summer means her sister gets a turn in the limelight, proudly presenting the Little White Dress! I’m not usually a fan of strapless but this is elasticated so was pretty secure. I also really love the flower detailing on the hem. Only problem with me is when I wear white it really shows how little I tan. If you’re the type of person that changes race in the sun then anything white will look gorgeous on you.

Dress: Primark

Night 4


Confession: this is my least favourite outfit of the week. I like the rockabilly style of the skirt but I wasn’t a fan of the fabric and I basically felt huge in it. If the red shirt had tied better it may have changed the look of the outfit but I do like the style and print of the skirt.I bought it while in Ibiza and maybe with some experimentation you’ll see it again in a future post. My favourite thing in this picture is the fanta lemon.

Night 5


I’m a fan of lots of patterns and green is my favourite colour, so I love that there are lots of green tones in here. I normally don’t go for something as low cut but summer holidays are the only time I’ be able to get away with it so what the hell. I really love the mid-thigh length of the dress and I wasn’t sure what I’d think of the gathers at the bottom but it actually gave the dress lovely movement when I walked. This was another Ibiza buy hence lack of retailer listed below.

Night 6


So for the final night I dressed more casually, knowing it would be a more chilled night since we had an early flight. This ended up one of my favourite outfits of the week; the top spot is a battle between night 6 and night 2. I told you I liked shorts. These were just plain black shorts with a pom-pom trim (and if you have anything bad to say about pom-poms you’ll have to answer to the self proclaimed pom-pom  queen) (me). Ideally my top would have been shorter or tucked in so that the shorts were the statement piece but it looked all sorts of wrong tucked in and everything else was packed, and if you think I’m gonna open that case after I finally got it shut you’ve got another thing coming!

Shorts: New Look

Top: Quiz

I know this post has been super long so if you’re still reading thank you so much! What do you wear on holiday (or vacation for all you Americanos)? Let me know which outfit is your favourite and follow my blog to become one of my rose petals!

Stay classy,


PS Cred to my best friend Ellen for taking the photos and believe it or not one of them were actually staged so cred to me for being crazy woo.


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