Today I’m Wearing


I’m feelin’ all sorts of 1940s right now! Here is proof you can blend modern and vintage and not look like a grandma trying to be what the kids are calling “hip”.

I just want to draw your attention to that victory roll in my hair. Yes, I did that myself, thank you. I’m so proud of it. LOOK AT IT. (My hair doesn’t even reach my shoulders).

This outfit is so simple to create (minus the hair, that was quite tricky). I’m wearing a plain white tee that I put a knot in at the front. This was to shorten it a little and it changed the shape by making it loose on the top but tighter at the waist. I didn’t want to tuck it into my skirt because that made me look like a rather large sea creature. Plain white tees, other than being a cracking band, are so important! if you don’t know what to wear, wear a white tee and I promise it will solve your problems.

An oversized white tee and heels makes a cute but sexy little outfit but that’s for another post.

My skirt is just a simple gathered skirt. It’s knee length which I used to really dislike but now it’s one of my favourite lengths because I have quite (very) long legs and a knee length skirt, particularly a gathered one like this, hides my thighs but shows the length. I wore this a little higher than my knee because it fit better. I used to wear pencil skirts a lot and feel comfortable in them but due to medication I’ve recently put on weight so my style is changing and I’m still experimenting with what works. I may not be a size 6 anymore but this girl does love a bit of experimentation so watch this space! Also, a short skirt wouldn’t really fit with my vintage vibe.

Denim jacket with a popped collar. Need I say more? The popped collar was kind of a last minute decision as I was on the bus but the reflection in the window made me happy and the risk payed off because it changed the whole aesthetic. Denim jackets really do go with pretty much every outfit, slung across your back, tied around your waist or worn as fashion intended with your arms through the sleeves.

Like I said, this outfit really is super simple but you know what they say, sometimes less is more. I don’t know who “they” are but “they” are right right now.

Let me know what you think! What are your favourite vintage looks?

Stay classy,


Top: Primark

Skirt: New Look

Jacket: Forever 21


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