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Travel in Style

Lots of people feel like they have to choose between style and comfort when they travel. This is not true. I repeat, THIS IS NOT TRUE.


Contrary to popular beliefs, you can actually have both. Whether it’s a car journey, train or flight you have to be comfy but that doesn’t mean you have to wear sweats, as you can see I am showcasing my travel outfit and no sweats in sight!

Layers are a good way of combating a cool train/plane/car/boat without having a shapeless hoodie hiding your outfit. Maybe long sleeves with a vest on top or a printed t-shirt?

But as you can see, I was travelling in summer so I opted for a loose baggy t-shirt and stretch pencil skirt. I would normally advise against pencil skirts but this one actually is super comfy and I find jeans a pain to travel in. It really is personal preference with what you find most comfortable. I would urge you to keep in mind how long you will be travelling for and male sure what you’re wearing is comfortable when sitting down.

Once you know what items you’re wearing (these mom jeans, this bodycon dress etc) you can start to piece it together. You could go for two plain block colours *and watch out in the next week because that’s what I’m flying in* or like I’ve done here you could choose a bold pattern and then team it with something simpler.

Jackets are super important when travelling. Consider the weather at home and at your destination. I went with a denim jacket because I knew I wouldn’t be wearing it on the train and it’s warm enough for a nice English day. If I was going to wear my jacket on the train I would’ve gone with something less restrictive.

Shoes also need to be comfy. There’s always these women at airports and train stations in heels or wedges and I don’t know how, or why for that matter. Comfy shoes, easy to get on and off – if you’re like me and take off your shoes to put your feet on the seats that is, and soft. Converse go with most outfits so I would recommend a canvas type shoe. Doc Martins are also a popular choice with them being super comfy but if you find them heavy to walk in, probably not the best choice.

Let me know what you travel in!

Stay classy,


Top: Primark

Skirt: Zara

Jacket: Forever 21


2 thoughts on “Travel in Style

  1. great advice! i agreed – you can travel, be comfy, and still look amazing 😉 i always wear boyfriend jeans, a top, and a loose jacket of some kind with adidas stan smiths 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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