Today I’m Wearing


You know those clothes that hang in your wardrobe that you always say you’ll wear but never seem to? Take a risk.

For me, that item is the top I’m wearing which I’ve had for basically as long as I can remember and I think this is the second time I’ve ever worn it (the first being somewhere abroad).

My pencil skirt is an old time favourite but has become a little bit tight. With a floaty top covering up the parts I don’t like, I can wear my skirt and not feel (as) insecure. Tip: this works for literally every pencil skirt known to man… and fashionable woman.

My jacket, or as my boyfriend refers to it, my “cape” is new and I love it. It’s a proper spring jacket that isn’t too hot or cool. When I walked it moved behind me and I think drew attention to my walk. The heeled boots also helped. Check out the 10 things every woman must have, including a ferocious walk here.

Back straight, head high and strut like you mean it and I promise nothing can stop you – but watch out for the banana peel on the floor.

I wore this outfit to go shopping, shocker I know, and when I was walking down the street I felt like some hot New York socialite and all that was missing was the sunglasses! Give me a break, okay, I like in England. It’s amazing what an outfit can do for your confidence because I’m telling you, I felt fierce! 

Beyonce, step aside.


Stay classy,


Skirt/Boots: New Look

Jacket: Primark

Lipgloss: NYX

Headpiece: H&M

Bag: Topshop


2 thoughts on “Today I’m Wearing

  1. this is such a cool look!! love the headpiece and geometric pattern 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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