The Perfect 10

There are 10 item every fashionable woman needs to own.

  1. A Little Black Dress                                                                                                                             Dress it up, dress it down. Go from day to night, wear it for work, wear it for cocktails. You can wear your LBD anywhere and it will never go out of style.lbd
  2. Your Personal Scent                                                                                                                      What better way to get someone’s attention than by walking past and letting everyone know it’s you? Whether you like it sweet or musky, your personal scent will let everyone know you can own your life and you’re in charge.no5
  3. One Permanent Piece                                                                                                                          One great piece of jewelry or accessory that you never take off can have a big impact. It could be a ring, a watch or a pearl necklace but that piece of jewelry could be how people remember you. Just imagine, “that woman with the pearl necklace? I remember her!”girl-in-the-green-scarf
  4. Artwork                                                                                                                                                        Whether it’s a piece of wall art in your office, postcards scattered around your house or even a tattoo – the sense that you know your own style and influences shows you’re in control and is sexy.art
  5. That Coat                                                                                                                                                     Every woman needs a winter coat. A good quality, warm coat that she can strut the streets in while being snug and fabulous. The same goes for a spring jacket, denim, leather, suede – whatever you choose as your go-to piece will be how the world sees                                                                                         you. Choose wisely.                        mac
  6. Jeans and White Tee Combo                                                                                                                 Somewhere between evening gowns and sweatpants lies the classic jeans and white tee. Casual and classy. Anyone who sees you working this combo will double take at you lookin hawt!                                                                                       KJ4
  7. Signature Lip                                                                                                                                              Matte red, glossy pink or subtly nude, your lips is where the eye is drawn, where your words come from. Every woman absolutely must have a signature lip, it’s how they leave their mark…                                                     11
  8. The Shoes                                                                                                                                                     Courts, stilettos, boots or flats. Stand tall in your shoes and invest in a great pair that will go with anything and that will go to any occasion. These shoes will be your best friend. Louboutin_altadama140
  9. A Forever Bag                                                                                                                                             A bag that will last forever. You feel daring? Go with a bold colour like a statement red! Want to guarantee it will match? Choose a back, tan or nude. This bag will rival Mary Poppins’. All your junk (and probably you man’s junk) in this bag that you can swing by your side or keep close on your arm to let everybody know who’s boss.             bag
  10. Strut Your Stuff                                                                                                                                         Your signature walk will let everyone know you’re coming. Stand tall, flip your hair, and let the world know you’re coming. You can tell a lot from someone by their walk and it’s an accessory that’s so underrated.

Stay classy,



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