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Tea Time

It was my nana’s birthday over the weekend so I took her to Afternoon Tea at a local restaurant. I was expecting some plain finger sandwiches and a scone. I was very wrong.


The afternoon tea was four finger sandwiches on a bed of leaves. There was beef, egg mayonnaise, tuna and cheese savory. The vegetairian was one cheese savory, one egg mayonnaise and two tuna. The staff were very accomodating when I told them I was the type of vegetarian who didn’t eat fish and they replaced them with two egg mayo and two cheese savory. The bread was cut with the crusts off and fresh bread.

The second tier had four squares of different cake. These cakes were really the star of the show. They were so light! I thought they were gonna fly away! There was walnut cake, which I don’t usually like but actually really enjoyed. Carrot cake which I know is an unpopular choice for people of my age but it doesn’t actually taste like carrot, it tastes like an angels voice.

No, I’ve never actually tasted an angel’s voice. I was going to go for angel’s tear but that would imply sadness and nothing about this cake made me sad. Unless they were tears of joy…


There was a good ol’ lemon drizzle. A classic! We all know that if a lemon drizzle goes wrong then we must inform the Queen of the crime against classic British cake, but The Lakeside have no need to worry, their sponge was executed perfectly. The Queen would be proud. The last cake is the only criticism I have. It was banana flavoured. There was no chuncks of banana in it but if I was choosing, I would most definitely not pick banana, though that’s personal taste. If you like banana as a flavour, you’d love it.

Finally, the bottom layer. A fruit scone as big as my hand and, what I usually find with scones is that they can be a little claggy and sticky but this, ah this perfect beauty. It came with fresh cream, strawberry jam and a pot of fresh strawberries cut up. The question was, do you do cream on one half and jam on the other or go for the half and half attack?

Me and my nana both went for the half and half attack and concluded the afternoon tea with equally as amazing cocktails. If you’re ever in the area I would 100% recommend this!




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