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Date Night

To celebrate the end of our exams, me and my boyfriend went for a meal and drinks in town. I’ll review the places we went soon so keep an eye out.

I’ve recently put on weight due to medication so I really struggled to find something that both fit AND looked nice. I’ve always been very very insecure about how I look so this hit me pretty hard. I couldn’t face wearing a dress and looking pregnant in it (I again stress we were going for a meal) so I went for the jeans and heels aesthetic.

If you’re ever stuck for what to wear for an occasion/event go for jeans and heels. I promise you’ll look great and it’s the perfect mix between dressy and casual. Also, if you get full you can discreetly unbutton the jeans and make room for pud!

I went for high-waisted jeans with a plain black cropped top with a floral jacket and flower crown. Wait, you can’t wear a flower crown if you’re not at Glasto?????? I didn’t get the memo! That explains the funny looks…

I went for the flower crown as the statement piece because nobody who ever made history followed the rules and it tied in the pattern of the jacket with the colour of my heels. I contemplated not wearing it but I felt completed the look. I chose light grey jeans because I don’t like wearing black jeans and already own a dark blue pair and acid wash ripped jeans. The plain black top probably sounds boring and yeah, although black goes with everything it can be the “safe” choice or the “boring” choice but I wanted to make the floral jacket stand out and by pattern clashing, it would’ve looked too busy. Imagine that AND the floral crown?! I don’t think the people could take such madness!

Stay classy,


Jeans/Top/Jacket: New Look

Flower Crown: Next


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