Paloma’s Wardrobe

Paloma Faith is my absolute style icon (and my biggest celebrity crush). I just love everything about her!

Any award ceremonies, gigs, charity galas etc. she’s always my most anticipated outfit and also the one that ALWAYS stands out without even trying. It’s flawless. Now, not everyone gets it spot on every time and some people will think she is too outlandish for their taste but we need a bit of both in this crazy fashion world.

I’ve been lucky enough to see her in concert (only once sad face) at a local festival when I was 15 and she was dressed as a sailor. She rocked it. She’s also so funny which makes her even more attractive, making half the crowd laugh and offending the other half when she commented on the girls’ “denim shorts”.

She’s got a curvy figure and damn she can work it! Following her on Twitter is a dream when she posts what she’s wearing to gigs. Her style has developed since her limelight has grown brighter. She was once the kooky, intricate patterns and shocking stand out girl and while she still hasn’t lost her individuality, her look now is more classically elegant with details and styling features that give her own style.

Check out Paloma’s YouTube channel here.

I model a lot of my own style/outfits from Paloma (as well as other style icons but that’s for another post) and every time I see her my envy and love for her grows.

Enjoy these pictures of some of her pieces! I know I will…

Stay classy,



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