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Wanna Go Out?

Summer is fast approaching and I know most of are looking forward to lying in bed and binging on Netflix but Eventbrite have a fantastic new idea to end FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and GOMO (Go Out More Often). Check out their website to see what’s on in your local area, you could also set up your own GOMO event! Eventbrite has all the tools to help you sell tickets online.


Last year I was constantly depressing myself on Instagram looking at where my classmates and friends were going but there will be none of that this year! Everyone is so busy checking in on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat to make sure everyone knows where we are and we miss what’s around us!

I live near a river and decided to go on a walk, I’ve lived here for 18 years and I honestly didn’t realise how beautiful it was. And it felt great to get out and move instead of constantly looking at my phone and missing where I even am. Here are my GOMO plans this summer:

  1. Walk twice a week
  2. Stargaze
  3. BBQ on the beach (I’m super excited for this but I need to take my own food #vegetarianlife)
  4. Attend outdoor gigs
  5. Girls Holiday

I kicked off this project with my mum and we took part in the Race for Life and raised £80 for Cancer Research. I’m not a runner at all and I didn’t quite realise how unfit I was but the 5K walk was a great experience with an even better atmosphere! So why not pack a picnic and head with your family/partner/friends over to your local park?

Every summer me and my family have a “games day” where we pack up the car with food, bats and balls, frisbees etc and have a day together.

Comment and let me know your plans to GOMO this summer and use the hashtag #endFOMO on Twitter and Instagram.

Go and Get Out!!

Stay classy,



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