Review: Gusto

Gusto is a gorgeous Italian restaurant located on Newcastle’s quayside. As you can imagine, being on he quayside is reflected in the price…

I first came across Gusto (http://gustorestaurants.uk.com/restaurants/newcastle/) at my best friend’s birthday and we both agreed we would ave to stop there more often for our monthly catch ups. We then realised we are both 18 and living off our parents money and that idea soon disintegrated. We have, however made multiple recommendations and visited plenty more times on other special occasions.

In December, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and had the most gorgeous evening here. The service was incredibly friendly and helpful and we were served pretty quickly. We had garlic bread with mozzarella to start. It was lovely but definitely NOT evenly halved so girls, if you’re going with your significant other take note!

I then had the classic margarita pizza while he had pepperoni pizza. You know you’re in a good Italian when your pizza comes with a pizza cutter. They were so good, the cheese was melted and stringy and the base was thin and crispy but with light fluffy crusts. Seriously guys, it was good.

I would 100% recommend Gusto to anyone. Perfect location, perfect atmosphere, friendly service and great food! Just be conscious of the price!

Stay classy,



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