Just Life

Grief with Gegs

Sure, glasses may look cool and there was a strange time back in 2008 where people who didn’t need them wore them. Why????????? POOR EYE SIGHT IS NOT COOL.

Here’s 10 reasons why life with glasses = nightmare:

  1. You can’t lie on your side and be able to see. You have to pick one
  2. You put your glasses down then can’t find them because you can’t see without your glasses
  3. Your eye makeup is on point aaand then you put your glasses on and nobody can see
  4. The rain. Oh the rain. Why has nobody invented lens screen wipers yet
  5. Your lovely, comforting hot cup of tea/coffee/soup isn’t as lovely when your glasses steam up. This point is also valid when it’s cold outside and you walk in your centrally heated house…
  6. Ball games. Those things are lethal!!!
  7. Dancing. Really just any form of spinning. They grow wings and fly off your face
  8. It takes a good 20 minutes in the morning to find your glasses before you can start watching TV
  9. People ask to try them on and they give you them back with fingerprints. Just why?!
  10. Forever being known as, “the one with the glasses”

Stay classy,



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