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I don’t know about you, but I don’t get the chance to dress up very often, so when I do I like to make it real fancy. Last night was my Sixth Form Leavers Ball and there were some amazing dresses and suits and everyone looked great. As you can see, me and my boyfriend were clearly on the Best Dressed list.

(That was a joke)

I may be 18 but I’m still a little girl who likes to play dress up with hair, make up, heels and a nice dress! Unlike when I was six, the dress does not represent Cinderella. The ball took place in the Assembly Rooms, Newcastle ( and not the 1940s like my attire suggests. Even the teachers went all out and some of them looked amazing! When they are in their work clothes you don’t realise but my politics teacher looked really stunning (I don’t have a picture of her). Judging by what the girls were wearing, bodycon dresses and curly hair is the WHAT TO WEAR right now.

I never go for what the same as what everyone else is wearing, which is a shame because I can’t pull off bodycon dresses, but I don’t intentionally try to be different, it just kinda happens.

Enjoy the photos and stay classy,


Dress: Oasis

Heels: Miss Selfridge

Bag: Next

prom girls



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