Reviews: Newcastle

Garden Kitchen

IMG_9403Spontaneous trips to town with friends are the best, but they’re even better when you find new little cafes that make your day sparkle.

Me and my friends went to Garden Kitchen which is in Eldon Gardens, found in Eldon Square next to Office and Claire’s Accessories. We only went for a quick bite but what the menu had to offer means we will definitely be back soon.

The couple on the table next to us had their meal presented on a mini picnic table and had scones that went up to the sky. We however settled on portions of chips each and kept looking over jealously. Thinking about it we must really have looked like freaks…

It was such a wonderful setting to just sit and chat with girlfriends or as a cute and relaxed lunch date with a partner. The staff were all very accommodating and friendly and it was great service.

The star of the show was without a doubt the PASSION FRUIT LEMONADE. It was so fresh and tasty. The flavour was great, it was slightly sparkling and it was all the stars were dancing in my mouth. They had a range of fresh lemonades including classic (obviously) and pink grapefruit. I would absolutely recommend Eldon Kitchen for anyone looking for a coffee and a cake or a lunch plans.

Stay classy,



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