It’s a Twin Thing


Two of my best friends are twins and they look incredibly alike (although they aren’t identical) and naturally people always get them mixed up. They’re as different as spots and stripes I’m actually surprised they’re sisters sometimes! They have one thing in common is that they aren’t very confident shoppers. I, however, am a very confident shopper and so I took my role as best friend and took them shopping to buy their Leaver’s Ball dress. Really I just took this as an opportunity to play personal shopper and had such a great time.

We have finished school and are prepping for our end of Sixth Form ball and everyone (well, all the girls) are talking about their dress, shoes, bag, nails, hair, spray tan but all I can brag about is how I styled Emily and Kate and picked out their dress, shoes and bag.

Emily has more of a boyish silhouette and is more outgoing and dresses in jeans and plaid shirts whereas Kate has an hourglass silhouette and is super shy and tends to dress in long, black, conservative clothes.

Emily is on the left, Kate is on the right.


Emily’s Dress: Lipsy

Kate’s Dress: Quiz


One thought on “It’s a Twin Thing

  1. I’m so pleased I made it into the blog! It was such a good read and you’re totally right I do own too much black, will try to own a little less in future. Tons of love, Kate X

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